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Poster: HappySwordsman Date: May 3, 2012 1:28pm
Forum: classic_tv Subject: List of DuMont Network series for which at least one episode survives

Yeah, I have an unhealthy obsession with the network.

This list is hopefully incomplete. It includes things that survive at several different archives.

The actual number of surviving episodes per each of these series varies. Only one badly-damaged kinescope survives of 1948-1949 series "The Ted Steele Show", while a near-complete run survives of "The Morey Amsterdam Show". More typical is "Pulse of the City", for which 3 episodes survive. There are also many DuMont series for which no episodes survive, such as "Time Will Tell" (with Ernie Kovacs). They shall be listed another time.

Some of these series also aired on other networks. For example, "The Arthur Murray Party" switched networks so many times that it ended up having a run on all 4 networks at least twice.

All references to "we" means the entire people of this section and/or other sections.

The Admiral Broadway Revue (variety, and has a single episode on here. Each episode was simulcast on NBC)

And Everything Nice (a fashion-themed series)

A.N.T.A. Album of 1955 (one-off special with lots of music from broadway shows and some famous stars)

The Arthur Murray Party (lots of dancing and music and even the occasional comedy sketch. We have a partial DuMont episode on here, as well as a complete NBC episode)

Better Living TV Theatre (a documentary series)

The Big Issue (this series consisted of debates on topical political issues)

Blind Date (a match-making show. DuMont doing reality TV....might be interesting)

Boxing from St. Nicholas Arena (sports series consisting of boxing matches. What else could it be?)

Captain Video and His Video Rangers (primitive sci-fi series. We have four episodes on here)

Cavalcade of Stars (variety series with comedy, music, and talent. We have a 55-minute video consisting of footage from two episodes. We might be able to get more footage...hint hint!)

Champagne and Orchids (music/variety series that is said to have a bit of a fashion focus)

Charlie Wild, Private Detective (crime drama)

Colonel Humphrey Flack (quirky series about a con-man who cons other con-men)

Concert Tonight (an hour of classical music performed by the Chicago Symphony)

Dark of Night (a dramatic anthology series shot live on location)

Dollar a Second (a quirky game show. We have an ABC episode on here)

Doorway to Fame (a talent show. It has been said that none of the contestants actually became famous)

Famous Jury Trials (crime-drama)

Flight to Rhythm (a latin-themed variety series with lots of music!)

Front Row Center (a variety series)

Georgetown University Forum (news/current affairs series. Very unpopular series at the time)

The Goldbergs (famous sitcom featuring "positive Jewish stereotypes" which also ran on CBS and NBC. We have an NBC episode on here)

The Growing Paynes (a sitcom!)

Gruen Playhouse (dramatic anthology series)

Guide Right (a low-budget variety series sponsored by the US Army recruiting office!)

Hold That Camera (a variety series. We have the sole surviving episode on here, which at 19 minutes is probably incomplete)

International Playhouse (very little infomation is known about this series)

Jimmy Hughes, Rookie Cop (crime drama!)

The Johns Hopkins Science Review (educational series with a science theme. Has lots of surviving episodes! We have a couple episodes on here)

Joseph Schildkraut Presents (another dramatic anthology series!)

Kids and Company (a talent show with kids. We have an episode on here)

Life Begins at Eighty (sorta like "Juvenille Jury", but with old people)

Life Is Worth Living (a religious series hosted by a Catholic Bishop with memorable eyes. Evidence suggests there are lots of surviving episodes! We have an episode on here)

The Magic Cottage (a childrens series. Said to have been very good and to have featured subtle messages against racism!)

Marge and Jeff (a sitcom. Each episode ran for 15 minutes (with PSAs, since it didn't have a sponsor), and aired each weeknight after "Captain Video")

Melody Street (a variety series that is said to have been quite terrible!)

The Morey Amsterdam Show (a comedy variety series with lots of surviving episodes! We have an episode on here. We might be able to get more *hint hint*)

Newsweek Views the News (a public-affairs series)

The New York Times Youth Forum (what was this? a public-affairs series or something?)

Not for Publication (crime drama. Some episodes were 15-minutes, and some were 30-minutes)

Once Upon a Tune (each episode consisted of a musical spoof of a famous fairy tale or broadway show)

On Your Way (strange little game show. We have the sole surviving episode on here)

Opera Cameos (not sure what this is, except that it featured opera music, and that the network considered it to be "cultural" and "quality TV")

Operation Success (a show which tried to find jobs for WW2 veterans. Unsurprisingly, it aired in 1948. No comment)

Ted Mack & the Original Amateur Hour (I think you've already heard of this series, and I am sure you are aware it had greater success on other networks)

Pantomime Quiz (celebrities play charades! Only 2 DuMont episodes survive, but lots of CBS episodes survive. We have an ABC episode on here, as well as some episodes from the 1960s revival under the title "Stump the Stars")

The Paul Dixon Show (a talk/variety series which had a much longer run as a local series)

Photographic Horizons (unsurprising, this late-1940s show had something to do with photography)

The Plainclothesman (only four episodes survive of this unqiue long-running series. A crime-drama in which the camera took the viewpoint of the lead character)

The Pulse of the City (medical-themed anthology series)

Rocky King, Dectective (quirky crime drama. We have four episodes on here)

Small Fry Club (a show aimed at very young children)

Star Time (a variety series with some actual stars as the regulars)

The Ted Steele Show (a musical-variety series)

They Stand Accused (crime drama based on actual cases. We have an episode on here)

This Is Music (a music series broadcast from chicago)

The Vincent Lopez Show (a 15-minute music series)

Window on the World (an early television flop. Performers would do acts themed around the country they came from (such as an Irish jig). Occasionally, American acts appeared as well. These performances were linked by poor-quality stock footage of exotic locations)

Wisdom of the Ages (a spin-off from "Juvenille Jury" and "Life Begins at Eighty")

You Asked for It (viewers made requests to see things like a fire-eater, the secrets of card sharks, a wrestling chimp, etc etc. We have perhaps 9 episodes on here, most of which are DuMont-era episodes)

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